‘Apex Legends’ Server Lag on PS4 & Xbox Plagues Start of Season 6

Apex Legends Season 6 started early Tuesday morning, and keeping in mind that numerous soldiers in the Outlands have delighted in the introduction of Rampart, making and another variant of World’s Edge, not all things have been impeccable with respect to the new update. Players report that slack and crashes have been happening all the more regularly nearby the most recent Battle Pass. While the game’s designers have reacted to siome network concerns, others stay unchecked.

The most pervasive issue in the last classification is by all accounts observable measures of slack and bundle misfortune on both PS4 and Xbox One the same. As detailed by reddit client officialmonogato, “in some cases it feels like I’m slacking however it doesn’t show any association issues.” This weakness was supported by individual redditor SecretPoliceMan who said “Move one edge .. lag..repeat. This is fine.” Take a glance at the Season 6 help string on the Apex Legends subreddit, and you’ll see handfuls more remarks like these from over the United States. While it was initially thought the slack was simply segregated to east drift workers, reports have spread to wesern states like Oregon also. These reactions sprung up in the early morning hours on Wednesday and have not been tended to on EA or Respawn’s online networking.

\Some more open confronting issues, be that as it may, reappeared only a couple of hours after the Season 6 update went live. Players found that accidents happened when shooting the head of Rampart’s Amped Cover deployable divider. Additionally related, those endeavoring to utilize Crypto’s automaton couldn’t identify adversaries who were utilizing Rampart’s amazing turret. To these bugs, Respawn tweeted that “we know” and there are “more updates to come as we have them.” At the hour of distribute an update has not been posted over 12 hours expelled from that underlying post.


With everything taken into account, it would show up Apex Legends Season 6 may be one of the buggiest season dispatches the game has suffered in a long while. This appalling truth is no uncertainty compounded by advancement challenges that emerge from the progressing coronavirus pandemic. With many game designers and worker experts to a great extent telecommuting, issues like these may take more time to determine in any event, when coders know they exist. Given how rapidly Respawn has reacted to criticism before, nonetheless, we’re sure you’ll be investigating Kings Canyon in max throttle soon. Up to that point, simply know you’re not the only one if your Apex Legends anteroom feels somewhat odd toward the beginning of Season 6.

Apex Legends is accessible now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What’s your opinion of Apex Legends Season 6 up until now? Have you encountered any slack or parcel misfortune? Let us know in the remarks area!