PUBG studio director talks bots, Sanhok remaster and staying competitive in the battle royale market

It’s been more than a long time since PUBG first sprung up on Steam, and keeping in mind that that is a moderately brief timeframe on paper, it some way or another feels any longer. Maybe this is on the grounds that the more extensive gaming scene around PUBG has changed so a lot: not, at this point the main fight royale on the square, PUBG now winds up sharing that market space with a few contenders, with another competitor showing up for all intents and purposes like clockwork.

Given the game is done shining new and the fight royale advertise is so packed, it’s little miracle PUBG’s player numbers are not what they were in 2017. Be that as it may, saying this doesn’t imply that the game has vanished – it’s as yet ready to pull in 500k Steam concurrents every day, and has now sold 70m units. With PUBG heading into its eighth season (on 22nd July for PC and 30th July for consoles and Stadia), it appears as great a period as any to get up to speed with the overall condition of the game. I asked PUBG Madison studio chief Dave Curd about PUBG Corp’s drawn out technique, the Sanhok map remaster, and what kind of changes we’ll find in Season 8. And furthermore what’s going on with those disputable bots.

We’ve seen two or three guide remasters from PUBG Corp effectively: beginning with Erangel and afterward Vikendi, the most recent to get the makeover treatment is Sanhok, with apparently everything getting a redesign in Season 8. I mean this truly. “Each building, divider, floor, rock, piece of sod and tree has been refreshed to have better, more exact constancy as far as materials,” Curd said of the refreshed workmanship style. “From a narrating point of view we truly need to show that it’s been some time since players have been to Sanhok, so more greenery, green growth, excess… we truly needed the players to feel like they were investigating this congested wilderness condition.” On head of patching up the old, there’s likewise two or three new areas, including a vacationer town called Getaway with a neon club and pool cabanas, and a runway at the north-eastern finish of the guide to supplant the coconut ranch.

“I would state with the Erangel visual update, maybe 15 to 20 percent of the structure was transformed, we were extremely moderate and needed to ensure we kept all the fans glad,” Curd clarified. “Be that as it may, with Sanhok it feels near 30 to 35 percent extraordinary. This ought to be a new encounter for our players.”


The progressions go past simply looking lovely, as PUBG Corp has utilized player input and inner information to advise how the upgraded landscape will influence gameplay. The north-west mountain, which has generally been viewed as solid and overwhelmed, has been “completely modified” to have “more flanks and more bends to permit more strategic gameplay”, additionally allowing those in Bootcamp to leave without being destroyed. Various changes target crossing, for example, including more extensions and sub-islands, evaporating waterways to make them shallower, and evacuating sheer precipices. Named areas have seen changes to make them more adjusted, with Quarry modified to have “way more crossing and spread” and Pai Nan given “more parkour, more under the docks and sneaking around”.

With respect to those searching for legend goodies, Curd suggested dropping in the focal Bootcamp and going “further than you may expect” while looking at the different screens and information covered up around the guide. “We’re attempting to get somewhat more legend forward… we need the players to be interested about the universe that this guide and the PUBG games happen in,” Curd included.

Another territory you can discover PUBG legend, out of every other place on earth, is in the portrayals for the four mark weapons found in the new Loot Truck. The Loot Truck is another Season 8 expansion, offering weapons with pre-introduced connections with enough rigging to pack out “a few people” – making it an enticing option in contrast to standard Air Drops. “I’ve been taking a shot from the start individual shooters for a long time – not a great deal of players look into,” Curd said. “The thought is there’s a portable consideration bundle, this large, stumbling bison unit – sort of cruising through the guide.” Curd trusts the truck will incite players to discuss taking a chance with their situations to snatch significant plunder, or embrace strategies, for example, chasing down the players who chased down the Loot Truck.

Past the new augmentations in Season 8, I was interested to hear whether PUBG Corp had any designs to patch up how the game’s bots at present work. Added to the support and PC forms of PUBG prior this year, the bots have been an interesting issue in the network from that point onward, with grumblings fixated on AI conduct and the quantity of bots in each entryway.

“Bots were included as help for new players and furthermore further strengthened the contrast between ordinary mode and positioned mode,” Curd said. “You’re completely right, they’ve been somewhat disputable for certain players.

“A portion of our new players – and myself as well, since I can be terrible at the game – have been appreciating the element. I like when the stupid bot gets me on the shoulder and I’m similar to ‘alright, I’m going to murder you and get that little hit of dopamine’. We simply hit 70m [units sold]… so that is many individuals looking at PUBG and getting totally destroyed by our veterans. So now with the bots, we are seeing new clients getting executes, understanding the headshot is substantially more important than the chest shot, and the meta isn’t generally plunder from the structure yet plunder from a player – let them carry their apparatus to you. These are the exercises I figure no one but bots can educate.

“In any case, it’s an advancing framework, we despite everything have a ton of work left to keep on adjusting the mix of PvP and PvE and ensure our bots give the correct degree of challenge for players of all expertise levels.”

Curd explained that changes to bot AI would intend to make them “all the more intriguing and more amusing to play with” as opposed to just more savage. “The most effortless thing on the planet is to have a bot see you and shoot you, however that doesn’t feel better,” Curd clarified. “I’ve seen what a portion of the unreleased bot highlights resemble, and it’s looking truly cool. Anticipate that the bots should continue improving.”

What’s more, concerning the proposal bots are being utilized to round out anterooms?

“That is not my point of view, they’re not there to fill halls,” Curd said. “I would envision we would simply have less matches going if our solitary arrangement was to expand matchmaking. The bots are there to help with new clients since they were simply getting crushed.”

Another habitually examined issue in the PUBG people group is cheating, which has been a continuous fight for the engineer. PUBG Corp’s latest endeavors incorporate the presentation of two-factor confirmation, which Curd said has been “immense in decreasing” numbers, however noticed the fight against miscreants was basically a weapons contest. “We’re continually in an eternity war with con artists… on the off chance that you watched a diagram of our miscreants after some time, we’re in a great spot… [but] it’s continually going to and fro.”

With respect to plans for the future, Curd said “everything’s on the table” – remembering that piece of information about conceivable new guides for Chile and Alaska – yet he seemed to indicate that Miramar could be in-line for a redo. Also, if that somehow happened to occur, PUBG Corp would almost certainly adopt a comparative strategy to the Sanhok remaster. “I don’t have a clue when, obviously my eye is on Miramar in light of the fact that that was the absolute first guide PUBG Madison chipped away at in a joint effort with Seoul. That is something intriguing to consider for what’s to come.

“I think we take a gander at something very similar – what have we done in Sanhok? We have our inside encounters and predispositions, we’re tuning in to the network, we’re working with esports experts, being aware of securing fan top picks – we gave it every one of the another layer of paint. The guide is currently occurring in the present and we need it to be simpler to plunder, to be simpler to see and recognize targets. How would we ensure its quintessence however smooth out and make it more fun, more available? The exercises we are exhibiting in Sanhok… you can extrapolate, those are things we can consider for future guide refreshes.

“This is a game I need players to join quite a while from now, we need to continue recounting stories. We need to continue giving new encounters. I would state anything’s conceivable.”

With PUBG Corp’s present spotlight focused on map remasters, I was interested to get some answers concerning the designer’s procedure for staying serious in a currently jam-packed fight royale advertise. I asked Curd whether PUBG Corp’s drawn out technique stressed improving the center understanding, or proceeding to enhance.

“It’s both. You positively need new substance: you need new guides, modes and encounters to discover the edges of the divider. We appeared that blue circle, and now everybody’s doing blue circles, correct? It’s critical to find what else is out there and what the players will be truly amped up for. Simultaneously, our objective is continually taking a gander at execution, with the Sanhok remaster the guide looks way better – yet it’s less expensive, we’re advancing materials. We are finding the new outskirts, yet we’re continually improving execution, improving personal satisfaction.

“Finding a video of PUBG from 2017… it would seem that a very surprising game. It would have been so natural to brave this, solitary sell ensembles and not put such a large number of assets into refreshing strength, refreshing how vehicles work, refreshing weapons not stacking – these are the sum total of what things we’ve been doing to guarantee that the center game is more advantageous and more advantageous. We’re proceeding with caution with new substance… at the point when we created Sanhok, our first statement of purpose is it must perform better than old Sanhok. Players will dismiss new fascinating substance in the event that it plays more regrettable.

“The game is a great deal unexpected right now in comparison to it was when Sanhok first came out. So I would ask players that have perhaps dropped out for possibly five or a half year, or a year – not to simply return for Sanhok, yet to see the increases we’ve made in the remainder of the game also.”